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Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum


Want to learn more about WW1 or WW2 fighter planes or the tanks that led to victory? Come visit the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum for an experience like no other. Here is the largest collection in the world of authentic planes and vehicles used in WW1, WW2, the Korean war, Vietnam war, Gulf war and the Cold war. 

The museum has over 28 planes from all the wars. It has tons of aircrafts from the US "Huey" helicopter, the giant UK's D.H.98 Mosquito Mark 3, the small German Fieseler Storch and many more. They have over 16 real tanks from the American "Priest" to the German Hetzer to the Japanese 95 Ha-Go. 

The museum has over 60 vehicles and armaments. From small guns like the German "Goliath" to the Soviet Union's Ballistic Missile System that fired giant catastrophic missiles. They also have classic war vehicles, like the Ford GPW "Jeep" to the Harley Davidson WLA. See the unique models up close and learn how they were used and how it affected the war. All of the planes, armaments and vehicles are all operational at events throughout the year. 

The museum also has a new attraction, called why war. It has Eight 98-inch large-scale touchscreens allow visitors to explore and discover the setting, events, causes, and people involved in major American conflicts throughout history and how they overcame obstacles and adapted. Here visitors learn the real costs of war, from interviewed veterans and first hand witnesses about how war changes people. The why war exhibit is to teach people about why war happens, how alternatives for war could have been taken and how we can use this knowledge to help preserve peace in the future. 

Come visit the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum to learn and see up close the planes, armaments and vehicles that changed the war and the world we live in.