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Winery Tours

Spend an afternoon sampling some of the many wonderful wines created at local wineries among the finest the Northwest has to offer.
  • Northsound Wineries
    Wines are made from the classic noble grape varietals and fruits as well as some hard-to-find grape varieties.
  • Greenbank Farm
  • Greenbank Cellars
    Offers good selection of Puget Sound Apellation wines from small boutique wineries.
  • Whidbey Island Vineyards & Winery
    Crisp, fragrant estate whites, perfectly suited to the region’s culinary treasures; unusual lighthearted rhubarb wine; classic reds and whites. Discover sward-winning wines, tour the winery grounds, and learn about grape growing and wine-making.
  • Bayleaf
  • Vino Amore
    Tasting hours are Saturdays, 12-6, or while supplies last.