Ever tried glass-blowing? Now’s your chance!


Boatyard Inn guests are raving about the glass studio on Second Street next to Useless Bay Coffee. The owners of Callahan’s FireHouse Studio & Gallery cleverly turned the old Langley firehouse into an inviting, exciting, and utterly unique glass-blowing venue. Like many glass-blowing studios, visitors can stop by and watch while artisans work their magic, rotating long pipes in and out of impossibly hot furnaces and magically turning blobs of of molten glass into objects of beauty. But the FireHouse Studio & Gallery is different in that it invites glass-blowing aficionados and wanna-be’s to create their own glass masterpieces. The studio books individual as well as group classes, teaching eager participants how to make their own glass floats, paperweights and tumblers in just one single setting. Owner Callahan McVay explains that the “blow your own glass” classes have been extremely popular for birthday parties, girls’ nights out, bachelorette parties (with the participants gifting the prospective bride the objects they’ve made), and family outings. Even if you aren’t interested in making your own, a visit to the studio is fun and educational and a must-see for anyone coming to Langley. Bring you wallet, as you’ll no doubt find a glass vase or bowl that will fit perfectly in your living room!








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