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Small Deserted Island off Langley

This morning while visiting one of my favorite local bloggers web site, Sue Frause… who writes for the Seattle PI posted this great article Baby Island: The Life and Times of a Small Place . Which then took me to a fabulous seven minute documentary on Baby Island, a small deserted island off Langley, Washington [...]

Blow your own Glass Pumpkin

Blow your own Glass Pumpkin

It’s almost Halloween. Get into the festive spirit of things by coming to Langley and blow your own glass pumpkins with Callahan McVay Check out our Website ‘Specials’ for a Boatyard Inn guest rate. Callahan’s FireHouse Studio & Gallery

Twenty feet of shoreline is all yours….

You don’t need to be a gazillionaire to have access to your own piece of prime waterfront property. Frequent Boatyard Inn guests were delighted this spring to find that we had greatly expanded the waterfront decks of Units 5 and 7, enlarging each to 20 feet wide (previously 8 feet) which means they now span [...]