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A Beautiful Tribute From a Special Guest....

A Beautiful Tribute From a Special Guest….

Frequent guest Carol Smith recently honored the Boatyard Inn by writing this lovely tribute which now graces our lobby. It will no doubt touch a chord with all of our guests who have watched from our beach-front decks the spectacle of soaring bald eagles “in grand review” greeting the morning light over Saratoga Passage. Carol [...]

Island County Fair Time

Island County Fair Time

It’s that time of year when the Island County Fair comes to town. So grab your cowboy boots and join in the fun. There is always a little something for everyone. Of course the rides are the biggest amusement for young and old Really more for the young Then there is Goat 4-H…. or…… “Dress [...]

Ever tried glass-blowing? Now's your chance!

Ever tried glass-blowing? Now’s your chance!

Boatyard Inn guests are raving about the glass studio on Second Street next to Useless Bay Coffee. The owners of Callahan’s FireHouse Studio & Gallery cleverly turned the old Langley firehouse into an inviting, exciting, and utterly unique glass-blowing venue. Like many glass-blowing studios, visitors can stop by and watch while artisans work their magic, [...]



Five years from the beginning of the City’s approval process to completion of the building, we are delighted to announce that the Boatyard Inn’s new Driftwood Suites are finally open for business. The bright red shoreline structure complements the other four buildings that comprise the Boatyard Inn, and the new beach access has become a [...]